VPSC's Return to the Pool

This page will include important information for all VPSC members around VPSC's "Return to Swimming" and COVID Policies and Procedures.  Please make sure to visit this page frequently as information will be updated as policies change across our province and country. 

VPSC Return to Swimming Policies and Procedures

Please see the most up to date (as of June 12th, 2021) VPSC Return to Swimming Policies and Procedures. Please make sure to read through this document before returning to any VPSC programming.

VPSC COVID-19 Procedures

Please read below for a reminder about check-in protocols:

1) Pre-Screening. If a swimmer shows up for practice, the club will assume that they have passed their pre-screening to participate in the workout. A swimmer or parent can do a self-assessment HERE. However, if a coach sees a swimmer that shows cold, flu or Covid-19 symptoms, they will be asked to dry-off, place their mask on and then continue to get dressed in order to maintain the current mask mandate.

2) Masks. All coaches and participants are still required to wear masks while they are on the pool deck up to the point that they are ready to enter the water. When workout is done, swimmers will be asked to dry-off, place their mask on and then continue to get dressed in order to maintain the current mask mandate. 

3) No spectators permitted at the pool. In order to maintain appropriate on-deck capacities, parents are still not permitted to observe practice at the pool.

4) Swimmers MUST arrive on time. On time is 15 minutes prior to the scheduled practice to enter the facility with the coach. Swimmers who arrive LATE will NOT be allowed to participate in practice.

5) Washroom/Changeroom use. We are permitted to use the washrooms at our pools to go to the bathroom and get changed. However, the changerooms are not able to fit the capacity of our groups given the current guidelines, so we're still requesting swimmers to arrive 'swim-ready' with the swimsuit underneath their clothes.

6) Swimmers will be reminded to maintain proper social distance guidelines at all times that they are on site at the facilities. Please note that no outdoor shoes are permitted on the deck, so a separate pair of deck sandals is recommended. 

7) If you have any questions, please reach out to our Covid Officer, Priscilla Walsh at covid19officer@vancouverpacificswimclub.com

Additional Facility Information

St. George's Pool

Drop Off on the corner of West 27th Ave and Camosun in front of the St. George's school field. A VPSC coach will be there to meet/supervise the swimmers until it's time to enter the facility, at which point the coach will guide them to the pool entrance.

Pick Up. A coach will guide the swimmers back to the same location as the Drop Off for Pick Up. We request that parents arrive on time in order to allow for a quick and safe pick-up for their swimmers.

UBC Aquatic Centre

Swimmers will meet their coach in front of the main entrance for the aquatic centre. 

Lord Byng

Parents will drop off swimmers along West 14th Avenue in front of the pool. Swimmers will walk towards the main entrance door (the second door of Lord Byng) and will be greeted by a VPSC coach.

Dunbar Community Centre (Dryland)

A VPSC coach will meet the swimmers by the entrance closest to the parking lot. We ask our swimmers to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of their dryland session to ensure an easy transition into our room.