Winter Racing Series

At the start of 2021, Swim BC announced they will be conducting virtual Divisional and Provincial Championships. The VPSC Winter Racing Series will provide opportunities for swimmers to race during practice in preparation for these championship dates in March! We are looking forward to seeing our swimmers improve during this period! Please continue reading for more information on the Winter Racing Series. 


March 1st - March 7th


March 29th - April 7th




Congratulations to all of our swimmers who participated in our WRS! Check out the results. 

How it works:

During the month of February, swimmers have been given the opportunity to race each week in preparation for the Championship dates.

For the given dates in March, groups will continue to race during practices (specific schedule posted below). All times done by eligible swimmers will be put forward to Swim BC so that they can rank our swims and we can compete against other clubs in the province! Good luck VPSC!

Divisional Championship Dates: March 1st to March 7th 

Senior Results: We had 54 races finish in medal positions within the BC Coastal Division! We are so proud to announce we also swept all the senior relays. Great job VPSC!

Provincial Championship Dates: March 29th to April 7th 

Most Time Dropped Awards

Over the weeks of the Winter Racing Series we were watching to see the which swimmers from each group were able to drop the most time in their events between the first week of racing and the last week of racing. Here are the winners for each group (girls and boys)
Congratulations to the swimmers below!



Aamiya Sidhu
​​​​​​​Alexander Chui


Logan Roberts
​​​​​​​Brian Yoo


Eve Hunt
Eric Yoo