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VPSC June Rookie Camps
June 21st - 26th, 2021

Any swimmers wishing to join VPSC for summer or fall programming in 2021 are welcome to register for our VPSC Rookie Camps! These provide a chance for kids to meet the coaches and be assessed on their swimming ability so that we can see if they are a good fit for our club. 

For more Information and Registration

VPSC 2021/2022 Registration

VPSC Registration and Assessments 2021/22

Below are the links to schedule a VPSC New Swimmer Assessment, and to register for one of the June VPSC Rookie Camps! The Registration Package for the 2021/22 season is in the process of being finalized, so please check back soon for an update! 


VPSC New Swimmer Assessment

Looking to join our VPSC community for the 2020/21 season? We are excepting new swimmers to the club and scheduling assessments from October 6th to 28th. 


Registration for the VPSC June Rookie Camps!

Our VPSC Rookie Camps are the first step in becoming a member of the swim club, and a great introduction to our community!


VPSC Registration Package 2021/22

Details for the 2021/22 Registration Package are being finalized, and information about the upcoming season will be available soon!

Swim-A-Thon 2021 Updates

Swim-A-Thon Update!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the VPSC Swim-A-Thon. We are grateful for your continued support for our swimmers. Fundraising for the 2021 VPSC Swim-A-Thon is now CLOSED.

Total Raised: $54,275 (91% of goal)! Way to go VPSC!

Prize winners for the 2021 VPSC Swim-A-Thon will be announced on Tuesday, June 15th. Please check back for the exciting announcment! Please click HERE for more information on what prizes are up for grabs!

Congratulations to our Top 3 Fundraisers!

1. Tyler Clogg from Youth 1 with $3845
2. Bora Clancy from Bronze with $2640
3. Lily Buder from Senior 1 with $1800

Racing Updates


Virtual Racing Results

In light of the challenges presented this past season by COVID-19 restrictions, VPSC is grateful to have the ablility to continue racing virtually. Click below to find results for these virtual events! 

Check it out here 

VPSC Pro Shop

Check out the VPSC Pro Shop and get your swimmer ready for the 2021/22 season! 

Please Note: Any orders that are placed from June 15th until August 31st will be distributed to our swimmers at the beginning of the upcoming season in September 2021. If you are needing a team t-shirt, cap or swim suit for athletes summer activities, please get your order in ASAP!



How to order:

1. Login to your VPSC account
2. Click on the Member Info tab (top center)
3. Select VPSC Pro Shop
4. Select the category you wish to purchase
5. Select your product(s), ensure the size is correct
6. Add to cart and check out
7. The credit card that you have on your file will be charged.
8. Any products that you order will be given to your swimmer by
their coach at practice.

COVID-19 Pandemic News and Programs

VPSC Monthly Newsletter


VPSC Monthly Newsletter

Click on the front page of the 10th issue of our VPSC Newsletter to catch an update of MAY!


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