VPSC Training Equipment

Each swimmer must have a set of approved equipment in order to be prepared for practice and to make the most out of their training session. 
The best place to order and pick-up equipment is at Team Aquatic Supplies, which is located in North Vancouver (or Richmond). In order to help you purchase appropirate equipment, the club has set up an online 'store' through Team Aquatic Supplies to help guide you through your equipment needs.  This can be found at https://www.team-aquatic.com/vpsc.html.

On the website, you will see a link for each training group.  Within those links is a list of approved training equipment that you can purchase directly from Team Aquatic Supplies.  It will also show our Coupon Code: VAN495.  Use this code to get an additional 15% off of your order.

If you are shopping in person you will need to show the club Shark Card to get the club discount.  Download the card to your phone and present to the cashier.  Hard copies of the card are not yet available.  

VPSC Swimsuits

VPSC branded swimsuits will be made available to order starting at the Season Kick-off in September. The link to the online store is available here: 

For sizing or general inquiries, please contact our Equipment Coordinator, Cora Siytangco at csiytangco@yahoo.ca.

VPSC Apparel

VPSC branded hoodies, track jackets, shorts, backpack and meshbag will be made available to order starting at the Season Kick-off Event in September! The link to the online store is available here:

For sizing or general inquiries, please contact our Equipment Coordinator Cora Siytangco at csiytangco@yahoo.ca.

Equipment for Competition

When attending competitions swimmers must bring all required team gear and equipment. For all competitions, swimmers must attend with at least a VPSC t-shirt and cap. These will be provided as part of registration fees at the Season Kick-off.
High Performance and Provincial level swimmers must also purchase a team track jacket. Other requirements for certain competitions will be provided by the coaches.

Buying Tips - Swimsuits

When buying swimming suits you must remember that there are different suits for different purposes. It is highly recommended (mandatory for provincial/national swimmers) that you have different suits for training and for competing.
Your training suit is a swim suit that you purchase for daily use, comfort and durability. When buying your training suit you are looking for materials such as polyester (or a polyester blend) or nylon. These are suits that will last the longest for daily training with proper care.  A well looked after polyester suit can last you two years or longer.
Competition suits are generally made from lycra (from the basic lycra VPSC team suits, to ‘Aquablades’ to ‘Fastskin’ suits, these all contain lycra). These suits are created to help you swim faster and easier through the water, their main function is not durability.  Your competition suit should be kept in the drawer only for swim meets.You should not plan to keep your lycra suit for more than one season. Because of this you should NOT purchase your competition suit with the intent of “growing into it”. Since the suit is geared around helping you swim faster, you need to purchase a suit that fits tight and shaped to your body; a baggy competition suit defeats the purpose of the suit.
For girls you should be able to stick two fingers under the shoulder strap and that is about all the give you want it to have. Most swimmers will purchase a competition suit that is a couple sizes smaller than their training suit.

Buying Tips - Goggles

Purchasing goggles is also a mystery to many new swimmers. Picking the right set of goggles makes training a much easier process if you do not have to worry about leaking goggles and foggy lenses. A good retail outlet will let you try on any pair of goggles before you purchase them, so take advantage of it. Find a pair that fit well to your face and our comfortable. Usually a good pair of goggles that will last, be comfortable and work well will cost about $12-15. We recommend Vorgee goggles, which will allow you to make the most of our Vorgee rebate program!