Fundraising Expectations

Fundraising is a key component to the financial health of our club and programs. We rely on fundraising initiatives to meet our club's expenses, focusing on minimizing training fee increases. VPSC, as a non-profit organization, relies on and encourages our members to participate in all fundraising campaigns in order to keep the total cost of all groups in the club at a reasonable level. 

Pool costs and coaching represent over 75% of the total budget.  The Fundraising Committee, under  the direction of the Board of Directors, plans and implements fundraising projects such as the Swim-A-Thon event, swim meet sponsorship, swim meet hosting, special clinics among others. Club Members are welcome to join the committee.


The yearly Swim-A-Thon is our largest fundraising event each year historically representing over 75% of our fundraising objectives. For the Swim-A-Thon, swimmers raise funds by obtaining sponsorship with the ultimate goal of raising the minimum amount suggested by the club. Goals for each swimmer are set in January and are scaled depending on the level or group the swimmer is in. Youth Development groups will have a lower goal than the Regional Groups, which have a lower goal than the Provincial and High Performance groups. Bonus prizes are offered for swimmers who exceed the minimum suggested amount by a set percentage. SWIM MEET HOSTING 

VPSC is involved in hosting all levels of swim meets throughout the swim season. Each swim meet is an opportunity for our club to raise money through registration, providing volunteers and concession sales. Club members are encouraged to assist in the operation of the meets in various capacities with the financial goal being a profitable event. 


The Board and Coaching staff will be scheduling a limited number of special swim clinics during the  swim season. The swim clinics bring in special guest instructors who work with existing staff to offer a focused learning opportunity for interested swimmers. Clinics  are provided  to the swimmer  at a small fee and are held outside normal training times and have limited space. 


The Fundraising Committee will publish a list of upcoming sponsorship opportunities for local businesses or people to get involved in. Program advertisements, banners to be hung at swim meets or club events and website banner ads are all available for sponsorship. Sponsorship is a key source of revenue and assists in making all hosted events a financial success. 

The Fundraising Committee will also be campaigning to get a limited number of Corporate  sponsors to be listed as community and year round sponsors. Members are invited and encouraged to assist in identifying and meeting with community members who may have an interest in being a year round sponsor.